Normal anatomy
Detailed anatomical model 1 model
According to the depth of the lesion (X-ray classification) 5 models
Black's classification 5 models
Root caries 1 model
Secondary caries 1 model
Pulp pathology
Reversible Pulpitis 1 model
Irreversible Pulpitis 2 models
Degenerative changes of the pulp 4 models
Apical periodontitis
Acute apical periodontitis 1 model
Acute apical abscess 1 model
Chronic apical abscess 1 model
Apical granuloma 1 model
Periapical cyst 2 models
Condensing Osteitis 1 model
Non-carious lesions
Enamel/enamel drops hyperplasia, enameloma 1 model
Endemic fluorosis (according to Dean's) by severity 5 models
Systemic enamel hypoplasia 12 models
Local enamel hypoplasia 1 model
Hereditary amelogenesis imperfecta (HAI) 3 models
Medicamentous and toxic disorders of the development of dental tissues 1 model
Pigmentation of dental tissues due to common diseases 1 model
Dental attrition - according to the plane of the lesion 3 models
Dental attrition - according to the depth of the lesion 3 models
Abrasion 3 models
Abfraction 1 model
Dental acidic "necrosis" 1 model
Dental erosion of the vestibular surface 3 models
Dental erosion of the occlusal/lingual surface 2 models
Dental hard tissue discoloration after eruption 5 models
Radiation/post-radiation necrosis of hard dental tissues 1 model
Dental deposits
Soft deposits 1 model
Dental calculus 2 models
Pigmentation and plaque 2 models
Oral mucosal diseases
Candidal stomatitis 4 models
Lichen planus 3 models
Leukoplakia 4 models
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) 3 models
Viral infections of the oral mucosa 1 model
Developmental abnormalities and deformation of the dentofacial system
Congenital complete cleft lip, alveolar process, hard and soft palate 1 model